We like to work with startup and love to hear new ideas.

Space was an idea of creating a platform for reviewing real estate agents. The Internet has created convenience and improvement in our daily life. We gather information easily and now the Internet is too broad, a lot of information hasn't been well categorized or organized.

A platform specifically just for reviewing real estate agents has been similar to the interface and flow people already know. Thus we decide to study some of the platforms such as LinkedIn and Yelp and make the new platform better.

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Color Palette

Shades of Gray and Loyal Blue


A 3d Space Shape


Sans Serif & Open Sans

Bright Images

A mood board of the images' style


We gather client's inputs and study the user behavior in the industry

A quick flow chart demonstrate the framework, and three mockups of different style was provided at the same time.

We started frame out the entire interface after the style and flow is settled.

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mu wooden
mu wooden
mu wooden
mu wooden

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