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Establishing a brand and eCommomerce experience with an irreverent characteristic.

Mu is the idea of combining a modern wooden creative design blog and online store together. They focus on minimalistic and practical goods.

Collecting all kinds of wooden product worldwide and share with everyone who likes elegant designs is a marketing plan that aims at three keywords: suitability, woodwork, and minimalistic. We understand the importance of modern eCommerce website. Therefore, we layout the website with collective and selling product together. Users could read the blog while looking at some of the products. It is like displaying your own ads.

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mu wooden
mu wooden
mu wooden
mu wooden
mu wooden


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understand The Culture And The Right Approach To The Audience

A brand image is all about consistent through all the platforms which include social media, eCommerce, local store, packaging. etc

We went through the marketing plan and business model at a very early age. Building up a social media platform like Instagram to see the market interest. Searching and studying all the potential competitors to get the right keywords and style. Design without marking is mute.

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